25 Mar 2010

Oh please BBC, if you keep this up I'll delete iplayer from my Favourites

I just ever so quickly wanted to once again critique the ruthless chauvinists at the BBC. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, sexism rears its ugly head once again, this time in the form of a documentary about young feminist activists which seems to think its O.K. to imply that we have some sort of mental problem!

Now, anyone who knows anything will be well aware that I suffer from acute nervosa, i.e mental breakdowns, but this has very little to do with the fact that I tend to hate men, or, more specifically, patriarchy. Indeed, it is a loathing that gives me strength in times of need. For instance, I was once about to buy a kilo of sleeping pills in my local Sainsbury's when I spotted a copy of Nuts! magazine, which sent me into such a steaming rage that I soon forgot my original purpose.

The documentary went oh so much further, however, by suggesting that feminist women have some sort of problem. This was made as obvious as the sea by documentary maker Vanessa Engles, who snooped around asking parents: "And what do you think started these malicious thoughts in your little girl?"

Piss off Vanessa! No one wanted you at their feminist meetings, filming with your nosy camera, they just wanted to be on the telly. PISS OFF!>

The only problem I suffer from is 'seeing too much', just like King Lear.


24 Mar 2010

Cinderella shall go the prom!

Hail lady readers! Finally those bigoted southern (north) Americans have succumb to the power of sappho (pictured to the right)! The lesbian who wanted to take her girlfriend to her high school prom wearing nothing but a suit and a 'knowing smile' has won her case. It was ruled to day that the evil institution had violated her human rights (note the non-gendered use of 'human', yes).

read about it here

It reminds me of a not too dissimilar affair that occurred my middle school, St Agatha's of the Gaping Bosom's school for Young Ladies, when I wanted to direct a rendition of Macbeth using a lesbian couple to portray the indefatigable relationship between the lady Macbeth and her protagonist war-lord husband. However, apparently it was "too ahead of its times" and "would upset the audience", particularly the dildo scene.


4 Mar 2010

Tristanundisolde! Chapette book of the YEAR

Isn't it lovely? And it's MINE, by ME! Hooray! Many thanks to the chivalrous, man-about-town, Mr. Harry Godwin Esq. of The Arthur Shilling Press for taking a chance on a gal like me. I truly am the happiest gal in town. Pink fizz for all.

Details can be found at The Arthur Shilling Press website - obviously my books have sold out all at once, flying off the shelves like the proverbial 'hot cake', considered to be a cross between a scone and a pain au chocolat, but live in hope, readers who may have missed out. Fingers crossed for a pdf, or get in touch with Hal or I for a sneaky e-look.

Once again I am published!