18 Apr 2008

My Writing

I've told you I'm a writer.

"But where's the proof?"I hear you ask!

Unlike many writers, I do in fact have a two book deal with the Virago Press, and have been in collaboration with Persephone Books for many years. My publications to date include:

The Suffragettes - Why? ("Trite" - TLS)

Notes on the Diaries of Judith Coalstream ("Chick lit does the 1930s - jazz, jazz jazz!" -Cosmopolitan magazine)

Women: What's that all about? ("Better than a slap in the face with a stick" - Prospect magazine)

Me, Tim and my Quim - a Novel ("Pwoar, a groundbreaking debut - not bad for a bird" - Nuts)

I've sold the film rights to the last: I'm currently in talks with Paramount (who really want my artisitc input). It's only in the early stages, but some names have been bandied around! Cameron Diaz and, gasp, Matthew McConaughey (!!!) but you didn't here it here (on MY blog) ok? I'm trying not to get too excited, but I promise to keep you posted.

I am an avid writer and unwilling to rest on my laurels. I'm currently researching my latest historical endeavour - "Put That Woman Down!" - charting the development of the Feminist movement from the Ancient civilisation of Ur, through to the 1970s.

A grand endeavour, you might rightly say!

I think it's important for Feminists now to constantly re-examine the past, to trace continuities where there were none before, to go where no WOman has gone before, or to go where women have gone before, but weren't allowed to speak.

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