23 Apr 2008

Dinner tonight!

So, I just got back from Borough Market, and I've bought this fabulous piece of venison. I'm going to cook it tonight for Gerald, a man I've sort of been seeing for a few weeks now (I've changed his name of course, he's actually called Robert) Being a Feminist and career woman, with the pressure of a two book deal and an upcoming movie starring (fingers crossed!) Matthew McConnaughy, it has been hard to find men who don't find my achievements somewhat intimidating. Par for the course! Robert seems like one of the enlightened, he works in Post-Production so is creative and sensitive - definitely my kind of guy.

Oooh also you'll be excited to hear that the draft screenplay for M, T& Q (Me, Tim & my Quim, abbreviated) has just come through the front door by COURIER. I'm going to put the venison in the larder and read it now; what with Hilary winning the primaries, Gerald coming round later for dinner and now the writing of a young Female writer being taken seriously by an international film company, I think I might be having the best day a gal could wish for!

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