21 Apr 2008

Me, Tim and my Quim

So, readers, great news! I've just had a call from Paramount (Studios, America) about the movie; they're hoping to push ahead into pre-production soon, I'm not entirely sure what that means but they've asked me to have a look over the screenplay they've put together, just to check that I'm totally happy with it. I've heard so many writers complaining about production companies wresting artistic control from them as soon as they've bought the film rights, but in my case that has absolutely NOT been a problem. I guess it depends on the writer...

For those of you who haven't read Me, Tim and my Quim, I should give you the 'low-down'. It's a psychoanalytic tale about a woman, Rosie Pyder, who has a series of psycho-sexual 'break-downs' and decides enough is enough, so employs a psycho-sexual therapist, Tim, to help her work through her sexual and psychic problems. When the novel was first published, the title itself came under some very unenlightened criticism because of the titular use of the word Quim, which is totally NOT a taboo word and wouldn't have caused half as much controversy if it had been something like cock or sphincter. I was also accused of passing off verbatum a series of real life psycho-sexual interviews as fiction, but this is very naive. Of course the novel has autobiographical elements ('Write what you know', as Thomas Hardy said) but this is unavoidable, and lots of things in the novel are pure fiction. For example Rosie marries Tim, but this of course never happened to Jim and I.

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