18 Apr 2008

Introduction - Who am I?

Virginia Woolf once said "What is there to write after Proust?" and well I say what is Proust to write after Proust? OR what is Proust to write after Virginia Woolf?

I've never read any Proust, but I have read books, and I've written some, and I'm going to write some more. I am a writer, my name is Posie Rider. THIS is my blog.

Critics and academics throw all kinds of terms around - writer, lady-writer, feminist, post-feminist, lesbian, journo, hack - I've heard them all! Often, these so-called 'critical terms' are just veiled forms of attack, like when Wole Soyinka called me a vapid sermonising bitch on Newsnight Review. I don't let things like that get me down, I just keep on writing: exploring femininity, emancipating women from tired domestic servitude and the chains of sexuality - I mean what is sexuality really anyway apart from a masculine construction? If there weren't men, would there REALLY even be women?

Food for thought sisters... and NOT just a salad.

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