23 Apr 2008

I am so f*cking angry!

This you will not believe!

I have just spoken to the dithering, snake tongued little receptionist (probably) at Paramount who has informed me that APPARENTLY they have found it necessary to change the title of my novel to the absurd 'Me, Ted and my Head' in order to attract 'a wider audience'. Apparently modern audiences are unable to deal with the psycho-sexual problems of Women, they've decided to cut most of the sexual content altogether and have turned my ("brave" - Femme Magazine, "achingly familiar and honest" - I've Lost My Arm!) novel into an anodyne chick flick!!
I am so f*cking angry!! I can't even write now.

1 comment:

  1. Posie dear, I understand your rage. But I came to this post for a venison recipe. I feel utterly deceived.