24 Apr 2008

WAGS - What's that all about then?

While the struggle to wrest back artistic control from Paramount goes on and a haunch of the finest venison Borough Market has to offer rots in my larder (that's right sisters, I cancelled my dinner with Gerald at the last minute, a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do) I am at least being kept livid by the developments in 'wag' culture. I only found out about all this wag business last week, apparently they are tall long-nailed violent types, prone to tears and Bacardi Breezer-fuelled aggression who can only be summarised as (dare I use the word?) women in a primordial state of development, barely formed, like those fossils you get - but squishy. Check this out sisters, you are not going to believe it!


What's worse, FHM has just released it's vile cunt-bashing 100 hottest women list, an annual attack on any woman with a beautiful brain who doesn't need to show off her legs to use it. Bafflingly, this year Kirstie Allsop, the larger lady from Location..etc has made the list this year, and I was surprised to find the comment below (made by a WOMAN) on the Daily (clit-robbing) Mail's website:

Fantastic to see Kirsty in here. At long last a real women with real curves who is actually intelligent as well!

This (alleged) woman has clearly missed the point that appreciating a curvaceous intelligent woman as a sexual object is still REDUCING a curvaceous intelligent woman to a mere sexual object, henceforth not revolutionary, henceforth still massively sexist. Honestly, if I have to put up with any more of this post-Feminist crap...

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