25 Jun 2009

Poesie Rider - is there no end to my transatlantic stardom??

Great news fans! I'm hitting the bright lights of Buffalo tomorrow for the final leg of my sell out poetry tour of the Americas. Those of you based stateside should seriously check me out!

Back in Blighty soon for Martini Rosso.



  1. Hey - saw your comment on Oriana Fox who is still going strong and last night did a brilliant performance night at the Tate re-enacting famous 1970s feminist performances. I think we need more feminist performance art!

  2. Indeed I quite agree magpie- there needs to be more feminist everything. I once dabbled with an idea for a feminist performance piece called 'Menarchia': the exploration of the period in a white room. However, it was rejected from the arts council, who described it as 'crude'- chauvinists.

    Toodles xx