12 Jul 2010

feminist wall chart

For all of you out there who just find the baffilingly high amounts of different feminist traditions a tad confusing I have included a link to a fabulous wall chart that explains it all for you! Life hasn't been this easy since Mummy forgot to pick me up from Tumble Tots one afternoon and the sports instructor drove me all the way home and gave me a drumstick lollipop to subside my tears.

Feminist Wall Chart (hang it on your pink Smeg fridge with pride)

Hugs and Pugs x


  1. Dear Posie,

    Thank you very much for bringing this insightful document to my attention. I have often struggled to differentiate between different types of feminist, and have long been seeking someway to more accurately assess the brand of feminism I am facing.

    From now on, all I shall have to do when I encounter a feminist, is offer them money for sex. Then I can simply evaluate their reaction.


    Arthur Mann

  2. Yes thank you for that enlightening comment Mr Mann.

    Yes its about prostitution - and maybe I wasn't wearing my ivory / emerald embossed typing glasses at the time and failed to see the tell tale title sitting bang at the top of the page. However, that is just a theory.

    Either way, it certainly provides a clear insight into the theoretical demarcations of the various feminist camps.

    Naturally in order to navigate one's way through a notoriously vast cultural, social and political 'mind' field one needs a compass, in this case, prostitution.

    And you never know, if you do adopt the aforementioned tactic, you might actually achieve intercourse!

    Toodily Doodily xxxx