14 May 2008

Yes - I was a stripper in my youth, and I'm only half sorry

That's right sisters, the time has come, I've just had six cups of Horlicks and I'm steaming. I must confess that like many Women, I too used the Female figure to earn money as a youth. I can remember them to this day, the other girls, standing around in their G-strings, breasts barely concealed beneath pistachio balconettes, the burning bright lights, size 6 figures, plastic faces, those vague eyes, like they weren't really...alive...?

My parents said I had to get a job to pursue my writing (that was before Leroy died) but they never imagined this - a library instead I expect, maybe politics. BUT NOT THIS!

Women thinking they could please men with suspenders (fools). Am I ashamed? Yes. But am I proud? No! Yes...that summer I spent in the Debenhams lingerie department in Chiswick was the worst summer of my life.

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