6 Jul 2009

Fuck off Fedora! I cocking love Venus and Serana Williams

Look, I find Wimbledon incredibly boring, but even I could put aside my frightful memories of school girls tennis (where I first experienced the joy of menstrual blood soaking through a white skirt) to enjoy this weekend's Ladies Finals, and the incredible display of skill, dedication, and downright female bloody brilliance exhibited by the Williams sisters.

Let's put reigning champion Serena against Fedora next year and see who wins, eh? My money's on Serena. And how about not making the Ladies Final the penultimate Saturday spectacle, followed by the terrible climax of the Men's on Sunday? Why not give these athletic stars the triumph they deserve, rather than upstaging them with 'men'? Oh, because you're a chauvinist, Wimbledon. I see.



  1. Serena and Venus mouthed off that they could beat the top ranking men. They couldn't even take a game off a bloke in the top 200!

    These two play well, but the fellas are that one rung higher.

  2. Maybe that's because they're actually real all rounders? these are modern women who, unlike men, invest time in other pass times rather than pumping their guns. For instance I know for a fact that Venus is also a keen interior designer.

  3. These girls deserve more attention than they get. They should have the same status that Tiger Woods gets. They command tennis and own it. These girls have been around for a while and probably have 3 or 4 more good years left. They have no competition except themselves.