23 Jul 2009

Intelligent women have better orgasms

Boffins say...

Is the above true? I'm not sure. I'm often thinking of other more esoteric things while having sex, which can distract from the task at hand. Questions like 'Whatever ever happened to the Amber Room?' or 'Palestine: a two state solution?' The list is endless...


  1. Trust Me, I'm An AutistThursday, 23 July, 2009

    The headline of the article is somewhat misleading, as it goes on to reveal the (surely commonsense?) link between 'Emotional Intelligence' and sexual satisfaction. 'EI' is often contrasted--rather than correlated--with the stuff that would gain you marks in an IQ test: maths, verbal and abstract reasoning, general knowledge, &c. The better you are at these, the less chance you're gonna get laid anyhow...

  2. I quite agree, I have what you call dyscalculus, a terrible affliction which means I can't add in my head and consequently never pay my credit card bill on time (dates also confusing...also phone numbers). From what I remember I quite enjoy sex. Does this mean I'm emotionally intelligent? I remember reading that book when it came out and feeling very hostile to it's claims - surely EI is just something stupid people WOULD say they have? And what about literary/esoteric intelligence? That's certainly a purer form of thought than maths/science and so forth, which enables me to appreciate the Continental, rather than the frankly baffling American/England school of Philosophy, which also never helped to satisfy anyone into the bedroom, unlike the sultry musings of the patriach Kant.

    I suppose what really pissed me off about this article is it's preoccupation with female sexual identity. Of course, a woman's capacity for sexual enjoyment was culturally sidelined during everything that happened between Hera and Zeus' debate with Tiresias, and right after whenever Mad Men is set, and it's fit and right that we develop a discourse for female sexual enjoyment outside of the kiss and tell and tell and tell logic of Sex and the City.

    Nevertheless, I am intrigued to know whether intelligent men have better sex - where is the research? Its absence would suggest that Boffins think that:

    a) Unlike women whose erotic urges are directed by the rational parts of their brains, men are equalised mentally during sex by their reversion to base carnallity.

    b) No man would be convinced of the existence of something so tenuous as EI, and hence their rating would be untestable.

    c)Someone somewhere (probably a man) is attempting to rate women according to their levels of intelligence and relative sexual satisfaction, so someone somewhere else (probably a man) can tell this fact to a woman over drinks in a flirtational context, hopefully to charm her into bed, thus insulting her intelligence.

    SO sussed, boys.