24 Mar 2009

Hands on Activism- Grab your paintbrushes gals!

Why can't us Feminists in the noughties be more hands on? I often reminisce about My Old Aunt Lilly and those trouser-sporting suffragettes of the 70s and whenever I do it draws me to one smelly conclusion: 'Whatever went wrong with grass roots feminism: ye good ye olde activism?'

And I'm not talking in a Christina Hoff-Sommers way either, I'm being serious.

We are most certainly digitalised feministas (that and a strongly worded letter here and there)and I whole heatedly embrace the language of H(er)TML. But where's it all going? It's a terribly curious question and one that I shall certainly be taking some time out of my very busy schedule to answer.

I call for more off-line activity and will therefore be partaking in a little activism all on my Posie own. I am planning on sticking envelopes over rude men's magazines in newsagents, yes, that's right in newsagents. Maybe even in W.H Smith.

Apparently the gals from Object did it and the Police got involved! Gasp!

In the mean time here's a little taste of artistic activism: I give you the wonderful images by the See Red Work Shop: a print screening group from the 70s to the 90s. They made beautiful posters for sale and to hang on men's faces/walls.

Here are some of their amazing artworks! I seem to remember my great Aunt Lilly telling me she was a founding member...

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