10 May 2009

Direct Action - Better than a slap in the face with a cold bikini

How great is this? Feminist 'fundamentalists'(so due for a heat! style neologism, howasbout femdamentalists?) crash and SMASH their way through Miss University back in March. An oldie but a goodie, and tres apt to see us through another week when clearly nothing very great is going to happen for women...again.

And here's the science. The title of this video itself is appalling - Plain Jane Feminist vs Sexy Student - obviously chauvinists have learnt the arts of YouTube. Besides the fact that our feminist on the panel, Lizzie, is perfectly attractive enough to satisfy MY standards, what on earth has that got to do with her objections to the contest? Seeing as pretty 'Sonia' is training to be a law student, she makes a very unconvincing argument. And that's not because she also happens to be conventionally attractive: I've seen Legally Blonde - don't stop dreaming sisters!

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  1. femdamentalists - taking the fun out of fundamentalists