11 May 2009

JS Mill (pwoarr!) and Harriet Taylor

Uplifting thought of the day:
In addition to their marriage contract, JS Mill undertook 'a solemn promise never in any case or under any circumstances to use [the legal powers of a husband]' against his misses. He and Harriet disapproved of the existing marriage law because it 'confers on one party to the contract, legal power and control over the person, property and freedom of action of the other party, independent of her own wishes and will'. Harriet retained 'in all respects whatever the same absolute freedom of action and freedom of disposal of herself and of all that does or may at any time belong to her, as if no marriage had taken place; and I absolutely disclaim and repudiate all pretension to have acquired any such rights whatever by virtue of such marriage'.

Not that difficult, is it boys?

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  1. meanwhile, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/may/08/jacqui-smith-dna-gurkhas

    (via lovely Harry Gilonis)