8 Dec 2008

My new look blog!

What do you think of my new look web log, Ladies (and Gents - new look blog, new look Posie!)

I thought I was getting a little behind the times with all that drab old pink. I had a look at a counter culture magazine, some sort of anarchist thing, God only knows, the other day, and it occured to me - what a hideous front cover! Really, it was AWFUL? How on earth they think they're going to affect a world revolution with such a poor grasp of font I don't know! What I do know is, when the revolution comes, I'll be picking the side with the best wallpaper.

Anyway, here it is! Pretty pretty Posie Posty!

Vote below to let me know if you like the change, read 'Pankhurst' as 'Classic', 'de Beauvoir' as 'Hot hot hot' and 'Boycott' as a total load of 'Wank'. But then, you didn't need me to tell you that!


  1. ExCUUUSe me, can you be a little more conSTRUCTive in your criticism?

    Besides, if you're going to say something unhelpful, I HAVE provided you with a button you can press in order to do so.

    Luddite swine.

  2. Leave her alone!!!! WHO ARE YOU??!?!?

  3. Thank you, mysterious defender! Sweeping down in the night to defned me, only finding me armed with staves, burning torches, a mace.
    x x x
    Do you happen to be single?

  4. The real anonymous cannot cope with high tec concepts like buttons. Also boycott was a great cricketer - pater familias