7 Dec 2008

Things to think about today...

This one's for the ladies...

My hair.
Why am I so much more intelligent than everyone else?
My teeth.
How to avoid fats while still eating the same quantity of food.
Camp X ray.
Picasso's blue period.
Whether tampax is sexist.
Whether the 'pax' in 'tampax' is sourced from the Latin 'pax' meaning 'peace', in which case what is the root of 'tam' and does it signify some sort of menstrual armistice?
Are women at war with their own bodies?
My legs - to wax or not to wax?
Does a hybrid art form (poetry and film, art and dance) demand that both disciplines justify themselves according to their own aesthetic or is it acceptable for them to be a bit rubbish and justify themselves through their novelty alone?
Is 'Dance without Words' a good title for a novel?
Should I join a gym?
Bonnie Langford.
Writing, writing, writing!
What to write?
If Jane Austen was alive now would she be writing chick lit?
Am I the Jane Austen of the twenty first century????
Chris Hollins.
Aspartame - don' believe the hype.
If I'm going to lose weight, will it take more than drinking slimline tonic and semi-skimmed milk?
That Baudrillard thing.
How short is TOO short?

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