18 Dec 2008

Robot Rapist! It still counts you know!

Can you believe this? This rapist jerk is sexually assualting this robot! He even said he built her (just for his raping pleasure!) I am disgusted. This is wrong. Why isn't anyone stopping him? Give the poor girl some pepper spray!

Refer to Donna Harroway, you Sexist Twat.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you Posie and Donna, I see we are all already cyborgs, & this microchipquita truly our sister. Something to think about the next time I put in my contact lenses - or kill the man who created me as his sex slave! But really it's this I wanted you to look over:


    I haven't sent it yet. Any suggestions? You too Melody. Do we undermine our legitimacy by saying we were in Victoria train station M&S on a Friday night?