12 Jan 2009

Dates for the Diary!

Some events I will be attending over the next month:

Between the Covers: Women's magazines and their readers
Women's Library until 1st April. (free)

Glitch - A 30min comedy in which a lone woman traveller finds herself trapped in a holding cell during an automated security check.
British Library 20th Jan - 14th Feb (free)

Mrs Affleck - a new play by Samuel Adamson from Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf
Jealousy, love and despair at the National Theatre until April.

Patti Plinko and Her Boy at Leicester Square Theatre
A dark seductive world of art, sex and death, 12th February.

Million Women Rise Fundraising Benefit
14th February 6pm - 1am, 52 Gower Street.

And some I won't...

Britney Spears plays the O2
A puppet of her father, record company and publicists, the poor girl is being paraded around for cash again. I wish her peace and sanity.

Sex Drive The Movie

Bride Wars The Movie
See above. No wait, I'll say it again. Arrrgh!

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