21 Jan 2009

Melody's pregnant and I'm going on a Suffragette tour of East London!

What up Girlies?

I just wanted you all to know that Melody is pregnant! I know it's kind of personal but I'm sure she won't mind my telling you. She doesn't know what to do: to keep it, or not to keep it, what is the question?

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Now Melody was a highly successful journalist before she took a 'sabbatical' to fulfill her childhood dream - being a landscape gardener. She's only been doing it for 3 months, which has mostly entailed filming pretty flowers. (Melody is an incredible camera WOman- she filmed my art short debut film: 'bloodsoaked tampon' and my up-and-cumming 'fucking a mango').

S0 anyway- having a baby would change everything! I have made an executive decision- I know what to do! I've have booked us tickets to go on a Suffragette tour of East London on February 8th. It's run by the Women's Library and I know it will provide us with answers! It follows the life of Sylvia Pankhurst and where the Suffragettes are near, truth is not far!

I am waiting for a sign! Something to help Melody! It IS a Woman's right to choose and she is such a successful landscape gardener! But then Susan Sontag was a single mum and so was Joanna Lumley... Maybe it's quite cool... Oh what is she going to do!

Here's the link to the tour! Come join! Toodles xxx


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  1. Posie, Melody, re keep v. no-keep, what about one of those voting sidebar thingies??

    Must pack!!!