31 Jan 2009

I'm Dating a Banker and I'm a Wanker

Gals- just found this and thought you might be interested. it's a blog http://dabagirls.wordpress.com/
The description reads:

'Are you or someone you love dating a banker? If so, we are here to support you through these difficult times. Dating A Banker Anonymous (DABA) is a safe place where women can come together – free from the scrutiny of feminists*–and share their tearful tales of how the mortgage meltdown has affected their relationships. DABA Girls was started by two best friends whose relationships tanked with the economy. Not knowing what else to do, we did what frustrated but articulate girls have done since the beginning of time - we started a blog. So if your monthly Bergdorf's allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life, lighten your heart with laughter and email your stories to dabagirls@gmail.com. Warning all stories sent will be infused with our own special brand of DABA Girl humor.'

From "Courtney" the 'other' woman who steals husbands from equally innocuous women, to the daft overuse of the acronym 'FBF' (financial guy boyfriend) this blog is possibly the most depressing thing since Gerald (my ex) wrote a quote from Thomas Kyd's A Spanish Tragedy on his wall and cried.

Take the story of Sidney who was ditched by her boyfriend because she is incredibly irritating. She starts to realise that she is losing hold on the relationship when she visits him when he is ill (probably dying of a hernia because he's been working so hard, or just sleeping in the office to avoid her. Poor man! Give him a sandwich!).

Surprisingly Sidney has the faculty of thought and using that faculty of thought she decides to use it:

"I blamed myself. Was I not pretty enough (unlikely)? I tried my hardest to play it cool. Yet, when he called to tell me he had the flu – in a move that even Florence Nightengale would have shunned – I rerouted my cab from the Marc Jacobs show to his apartment. I didn't recognize myself. Who was this shadow of a socialite I had once been?"

Oh shut up you silly old cow and if you are going to refer to the great Miss Nightingale at least learn to spell properly you silly b***h.

I'm so fed up with female New Yorkers occupying the ditzy whore / hardcore virgin binary. Women in that city DO have souls you know. In fact, some of them even have jobs, I met one once...

*Taking the above into consideration i have taken it upon myself yes me, Posie bloody Rider, to let these women know that this is not the case! A simple email that read:
I appeal to you all to send that email to the address above:dabagirls@gmail.com
Toodles xx

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