25 Apr 2009

How cruel is man?

You know things haven't been going too well with me and Martin recently? Well I found this awesome blog post from a feminist mum justifying raising boys. No I'm all pro-abortion of course but I do think the idea of flushing yourself out just because it has a phallus is a little excessive. However, that doesn't mean you can't try your best to loose the little scallywag when it pops out.

Feminist Mums on Raising Male Children

So I sent the link to Martin and look at the email he sent me:


I really can't take this anymore. Please, leave me and my son alone.


Can you believe it? He's basically trying to side step the issue, big time. We spoke about it last night and he got rather angry again, in fact he threw a glass on the floor and ran out. I spoke to Melody and she thinks I'm pushing him over the edge, like last time.

I love this man; I have to save him from the ugly beast named chauvinism!

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