14 Apr 2009

Sindy - The doll you love to oppress

Does anyone remember Sindy? As a young lass, I used to play with dolls, it's true. This is something that has haunted me for years - as a feminist, obviously I find Barbie's infinitesimal waist, 8 foot legs and size 3 feet as absurd as her inflated boobs. It has often worried me that, as a young gal, I played with these dolls, and I have looked long and hard into myself to try to unhinge any assumptions or expectations about the female body that may have been forced upon me from exposure to these patriarchal playmates. Thankfully, I am very intelligent, so I wasn't too confused when I didn't miraculously morph into an 8 inch high plastic doll on my 16th birthday. Some women have been less fortunate.

But last night, I had a revelation! I wasn't brainwashed by Barbie as a child because I didn't play with Barbie as a child - I played with Sindy! Now, Sindy was an entirely different kind of a gal! From her flat feet clad in chunky trainers to her reduced bust and chubby, freckled cheeks, Sindy really was the poor woman's Barbie. Check out her gorgeously low budget website - and here's a picture of Pop Star Sindy (she looks like Karen O!) Space Travel Sindy and Beach Fun Sindy - how cool is she!

Mothers, if your daughter loves dolls, you could do a lot worse than letting her play with a vintage Sindy. I say vintage because, to keep up with the times, Sindy now looks like a total Hoe-bag. She's now obsessed with shopping, the colour pink and her hair. But at least she's still flat-footed and cheap.

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