18 Apr 2009

Mary Wollstonecraft's Birthday!

Hi gals!

It's Mary Wollstonecraft's 250th birthday coming up gals and there's LOADS of events happening. I personally am holding a Mary Wollstonecraft fancy dress tea party. I am Wollstonecraft, Emmeline is Shelly, Melody Wittgenstein is Elizabeth Candy Stanton.


I am making vagina cakes, with wigs on.


  1. WOW! (Wonderful Outspoken Women!) The 250th birthday celebrations are really taking on a momentum! I am so pleased to see you highlighting Mary in general, and these events in particular. I had nothing to do with organising them, but when I came across the group that had developed the programme (debate, concert, talk, walk, ceremony, etc.), I was so inspired that I offered to promote them: partly handing out leaflets, very old-skool, but partly also creating a web 2.0 presence for her. I don't know if your comments allow links, but check Twitter for "Wollstonecraft" and follow my/her story blow by blow (so far she is just back from Scandinavia and about to jump off Putney Bridge).

    So anyone reading this who wants to spread the word, please do so: the link above is the one to point to, and you'd be very welcome at any of the events, or throw your own party as Posie suggests. And feel free to get in touch with me (mary dot wollstonecraft1759 at gmail dot com) if you want to help promote these events.

    What other channels of communication do you suggest I pursue? What feminist blogs need to know about Mary's birthday events?

    (I am looking forward to the official birthday cake, made by men. But will it be as delicious as Posie's? Please post photos of your vulvic cakes!)


  2. Cake made by men? I love these ladies! Do look at the events, as a fellow resident of Islington, I'm planning on going down to her graveyard on the 26th and raising a G&T to the memory of our fab feminist forerunner.

    Wigs for vagina cakes are coming on splendidly, I'm experimenting with candy floss.

    And lady readers, you must find Mary on Twitter! 1759MaryWol1797 - An eloquent voice tweets to us from beyond the grave - I especially like her pre- and post- suicide attempt tweets, a tres poigant comment on our own obsession with instantaneous communication and 'tell-all' culture, n'est pas? cf.

    "There is nothing for it. I have no home, no husband, no money, no prospect of any. The world will not miss me, nor I it. Farewell."

    Eek! Don't do it! Imagine Mary had been on facebook, we could have started a Gilbert is a Wanker fb group and she mayn't have ended up damp in Putney.