28 Apr 2009

This weekend I...

  • Tried to go to Martin's house and sort things out but he had gone to Centre Parks without moi! Being most distressed I travelled down to Richmond to toss my distraught frame into the murkey serpentine waters. Another beautiful young lady writer, pushed over the edge by patriarchy! But what goes? I did take spirit of empowerment within my meek heart and remembered my feisty poem to my mother Mary Wollstonecraft (see below). So I got back in my panda and went home to make fairy cakes and listen to Beyonce (see below).
  • Tried to self harm my ankle.
  • Bought a jumbo pack of pink bic razors and several large bottles of Martini Rosso, but was spied by Melody on the way home, who proceeded to remove them from my person.
  • Had a party for Mary Wollstonecraft! Made vagina cakes - but, alas, Melody's camera broke! We did manage to get one shot though: Emmeline Pankhurst's friend Samantha in fancy dress. Unfortunately the silly animal didn't realise Wollstonecraft lived in the 18th not the 19th century. What a waste of film!


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  2. Oh dear? Was that entirely necessary, A Nonny Mouse?

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  6. Yuk! Sod off! Your blog is awful and you are not 50 Cent! You are probably 15 years old and live in Hull. Stop using this safe female space forum to promote your terrible mispelt output. Subhuman you may be, sublime you are not!