6 Nov 2008

BBC: The Basically for Boys Corporation!

OR Chris Hollins, or why Sport is as Crap as the BBC

Forgot to say:

I spat out my scrambled eggs this morning after hearing the sly remark of Chris 'dickhead' Hollins (the 'S' stands for Sexism and Sports) Sports presenter for BBC Breakfast, who perversely cooed to the lovely Sian Williams 'Finally Sian, I get you alone on the sofa...'

Alone on the sofa? Aloooooone on the sooooofa? Who does this football hooligan think he is?

Oh Sian finally Mark's away covering the American election and I 'get you alone on the sofa'!

I'd like to get you alone in an incinerator Chris Hollins, I'd like to burn you into tiny pieces of ash and eat you. In fact I'd just like to get you AND the sofa, which inspires memories of 80s Nescafe adverts, full stop. Not only are you both chauvinists you are an out of date chauvinists which is the most unacceptable chauvinism of all.

So Posie being Me, and Me being Posie (yes I have been reading Hegel) called the BBC to let them know my thoughts. Yet it seems any offense against a woman bears little resonance with the fat cat bosses at the Basically Boys Corporation. Needless to say the bastards did not take my complaint seriously and told me I was overreacting. OVERREACTING, moi?

So I am appealing to all my lady readers to call up the Beeb and let their voices be heard!!

Poor Sian- someone has to help her! She is only a BBC newsreader, who doesn't even realise when she is being sexually harassed! Get on the phone, get online, DO something. If intelligent, accomplished women like you and I can't do something to help imbeciles like Sian, then what must we be thinking we have to do with ourselves?

Down with Chris, up with Satanic Sluts, down with Andrew Sachs, burn Russel Brand, eat Johnathan Ross, love Hillary Clinton!

(Hillary: you will always be the President of MY United States!)

Posie and out.

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