24 Nov 2008

the number 214 Bus

Just a quick note to say "thanks soooo much" to the incredibly sweet girl on the number 214 bus travelling from Camden to Angel.

There was this awful man sitting behind moi. He had ketchup (blood?) pouring from his lip and was shouting the most offensive things at me. I was scared. Yes, that's right lady readers, even I, Posie, get scared on transport in the dark.

With his male gaze burning my brain, I panicked. My eyes caroused the bus and then I saw this lovely girl sitting right next to the driver (very sensible).

"Come and sit over here!" she mouthed to me.

The man kept shouting, but the girl kept insisting.

So I moved and I thank god I did because, if I had not, I daren't think what might have happened.

Charles de Gaulle once said that China is full of the Chinese, so I feel at liberty to declare that buses travelling at night are filled with perverted old men who want to shout at empowered young females like myself. It's just a shame for them that other empowered young females also travel on night buses and we are not ashamed to stick together!

...en guard!

Posie and Out.

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