19 Nov 2008

I've Lost My Arm! A feminist magazine that shows other feminist magazines where to get off!

Sub-vexted and on the 'Verge' of tearing out my eyes (and my ovaries) in despair at the miserable quality of reading material available to the discerning feminist, I've done what any self-respecting lady writer with half a minute to spare would do, I've launched a magazine! Or, vagazine(!). I mean, it's not technically launched yet, the time for that will come when we're all lounging at the Groucho with a Pernod n' Rosso in one hand, a copy of I've Lost my Arm in another, a hammer tucked into a coat pocket.

In the meantime, I'm on the lookout for SUBMISSIONS from discerning lady writers - are you far too intelligent to pander to the pitiful standards of contemporary publishing? Are you disgusted with the screaming irony and so-called consumer 'choice' of post-feminism? Are you just a bit too old for so called 'third wave' feminism, does it make you go 'ooh, er'? Are you willing to save a post-feminist, even if it means killing them? Then this is the magazine for you.

I'm looking for challenging, articulate writing. I'm looking for women who would wield a weapon to fight for their rights. I'm looking for a massive Arts Council grant. Can you help?

The theme of the first issue will be: NEW WAVE SUFFRAGE - A MANIFESTO.

Check out the website (click post title!) it's up and running and will soon be unfurling with ideas and features like an attack flower.

Any thoughts, email me: posierider@gmail.com.


  1. Shamim Agha, LahoreWednesday, 19 November, 2008

    Yes I would like to write. I'm tired of new female voices in the East being vetriloquised by those middle class white females in the West working within a third-wave feminist construct - utterly incapable of understanding the problems facing women within the Islamic world today.

    I'm not interested in reclaiming derogatory terms or - such as spinters, cunt or what and not even reproductive rights - but in reclaiming positive female Islamic paradigms in authoritarian societies following a literalist interpretation of a Holy Book - societies who have no idea of feminism.

    This is how the Phoenix can rise from the darkness.

    This will be the 'first-wave', I feel.

    I will email, give me contact.


  2. You do realise that 'lady' is a diminishing term, do you not? Semantic derrogation, my sweet! Beware of the trap of parroting androcentric discourse!

  3. Shamim, I encourage you to email me with suggestions for an article. You too 'Girlfriend'. posierider@gmail.com !