8 Nov 2008

Royal Mail Support Women's Rights at Bloomin' Last!

While the Beeb is blasted asunder, like a birthing womb, by the wave and maelstrom of righteous Feminist violence stirred up by Chris 'what a cockhead' Hollins, there is at least some Good News out there for ladies, and Lady Writers! (ie Ladies, right?)

Now you can send your Manuscripts, Submissions and Christmas Cards using only the snazziest, Ladiest Stamps!

Check out The Royal Mail's Women of Distinction Stamp collection, featuring such bastions of Femininity as Millitent Fawceps, Marie Stopes and Eleanor Rathbone.

Who said Women of the past secretly demonstrated their forebidden talent for writing in the socially acceptable form of the letter? Well, I say let's Politicise letters, Ladies! Let's take Women's Rights out of the Envelope and into the In-Tray!

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